Outdoor Photography

No matter what season it is I am offering a range of beautiful outdoor photo shoots in various locations. It could be something as simple as a local park, local forest or a vegetable patch but the outcome can be smashing. Have a look at my gallery and see for yourself.  

What to wear?
You are investing in your images and want to rock it. Worry no more, here are some tips to help you decide what to wear for your photography session.

It used to be that everyone wore white tops and denim for the photos, simple and straightforward, but photography has evolved since then . With relaxed and natural family images there is not much choice, how do you choose?

When it comes to photography I recommend plain outfits in natural colours. It's best to avoid very bright t-shirts with cartoon characters, large logos, pictures and prints. They stand out in your photographs and you want the eye to be drawn to the faces and emotion of the image rather than logos. For the family shoots I reccomend to colour co-ordinate outfits instead of matching. Lots of different layers, textures or similar tones always look great. Classic outfits always look good too. 

Have a think about where you are looking to display your images, whaat is the decor in that room like? You can choose colours that compliment that room for your wall art. You just need an idea of one colour and work around it. 


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