It's probably one of the most frequently asked questions.
I try to advise on it prior to your session if you are unsure,
but I think it will be handy if I get all the most
important information in here.


It is one of my favourite seasons where absolutely everywhere is colourful and magical. I have my favourite places to shoot during this season and I hope you will like them too. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to schedule a perfect slot due to the unpredictable weather, but with a bit of patience we can create something special and magical.
These images will hopefully grace the walls of your home for years to come, so consider that when choosing what you wear. Choose a colour palette and stick to it. The more coordinated you are, the more amazing your photos will look! Colour palettes of denim/creams/greys/browns/oranges/mustards and plums look amazing!  
If you’re a jeans & jumper type of person, wear jeans and a jumper! Don’t squeeze yourself into a dress because you feel you should! You need to be comfortable and most importantly, you need to feel at your best!
If the kids are happy in jeans, let them wear jeans. If your daughter is crazy about skirts, don’t force her to wear something different because you’ll just end up with a grumpy child who will glare at my camera!! It’s really important that the kids feel happy too. 
Boots : 
-leather boots (brown, grey, beige)
- wellington boots (yellow, green) to match with the rain coat and umbrella
Hats, scarfs, headbands, shawls photographs beautifully too.

If you are unsure how to mix colour coordinate colours, you can download a free app which will give you ideas on what colours work well together. The general idea is that the opposite colours on the wheel work well like: blue and yellow. The colours which are next to each other in similar tones work great too. For more information check the examples above.


Avoid vivid ‘unnatural’ bright colours that will draw the eye to the colour, rather than the beautiful subjects.
Definitely avoid bright pinks as they will clash with Autumn itself. Dusky pinks would be better.

Try to stay away from bold, eye-catching patterns. Instead, keep it simple.

Please (pretty please!) avoid clothing with large lettering or logos, cartoon characters as again, these will just distract from the photo!

Finally, I know black is a very popular colour, but for the scenery in Autumn… it can be a little dull!
The most important thing is that you are comfortable and that you have fun! These sessions are quick & cheerful, but the results may well go on your walls, so thinking about what you’ll all wear is worth the effort!

I hope this has helped, if you have any questions or would like some advice, please just let me know, I’m always happy to help!


Spring is a little easier regarding the weather however on the colder days I am still advising parents to put extra layers of clothing underneath pretty dresses, double the amount of tights or bring a pretty cardigan the child can wear on top. 
These images will hopefully grace the walls of your home for years to come, so consider that choosing what you wear is also an important aspect. Choose a colour palette and stick to it. The more coordinated you are, the more amazing your photos will look! Colour palettes of pastel: yellows, greens, pinks, blues, beiges  look amazing!  
Please make sure that your children feel comfortable and special in what they are wearing otherwise we will end up with a grumpy child who will glare at my camera!! It’s really important that the kids feel happy too. Please do not underestimate the weather conditions during this season. It's best to put more layers on and have a happy child rather than a kid how is shaking and wants to wear a big ugly coat in all the pictures. 
Boots : 
Sandals, light coloured shoes (beige, pastel)
Straw hats, flowery headbands, shawls photographs beautifully too.


Winter is the season the temperatures go down and the coats come out of a closet. And while it gives more room to be chic and stylish, it is also a lot easier to completely mess up your look trying to combine all the layers you need go out there in the cold.
Colours play an important psychological effect on people’s mood and even behaviour – they help project who we are – or the image of who we want to be – to the outside world. They can give us a sense of warmth and comfort or coolness and rigidity.
Winter, for example, calls for warmer colours. Winter colours have to give the sensation of warmth and coziness to fight the cold weather. Maroon, burgundy, shades of deep red, purple, green, brown, caramels, and dusky pinks are all colours that work well in the cold season.
Winter season calls for trickier and heavier fabrics too: wool, velvet, thick cotton, tweed, flannel, leather… The real trick is how to combine all of them. The cosier the better
Knitted hats, scarfs, fure coats, knitted gloves, blankets


It’s really worth putting in a bit of thought and effort before you come along to your session as the clothes, and in particular the colours you choose, can make all the difference to the final result.
Of course what you wear does come down to your individual style and it’s important not to stray too far away from what you or your children would usually wear, otherwise you won’t feel like yourselves.
When it comes to deciding what the children are going to wear, there are no rules as such, but try to lean towards clothes which are more classic and timeless, which will help to ensure that the photos won’t look dated in a few years time
Try to avoid clothing with bold logos or children’s characters on (e.g. Disney’s Frozen!) or anything that is very in fashion at the moment.
It’s a good idea to bring layers for the children, you can always add them or take them off depending on the weather.
Again, there is no right or wrong in terms of what you should wear and everyone will have their own individual style. For the mums – Jeans/trousers and a top or a dress/skirt are equally fine depending on what you prefer. If you usually wear make up then I would suggest putting some on.
For the dads – jeans or trousers and a shirt, perhaps with a jumper to go over the top if needed, depending on the weather.
Choose summer, white or neutral colours and the most important thing is to feel relaxed and comfortable. If in doubt, bring a couple of options and we can take a look before we start.
Footwear : 
- sandals
Flowery headbands flat caps, summer hats straw hats


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